Development of a Style, My Style

About a week ago, I received an email questioning the validity of my style developing at an early age or was it the result of “dropping my personal drawing style as an adult” to mimic an "established style" created by someone, they continued to ask me to prove it started when I was a child.  Please don’t take this comment as negative, as I view it as a valid question I'm sure many have had.  To the sender, I thank you for your question, as it provides me an opportunity to share a bit of my past with you and others.

In my youth, our home burnt down and 90% of all we owned ceased to exist.  This included the drawings, school papers, and other mementos from my siblings and my childhood.  Recently, my parents gave me the few that survived, all from the 1st grade and earlier, and yes, they show my style developing even then. 

Here’s one of my early drawings showing that even as a child, I had an affinity towards spirals.  Interestingly, the drawing has a double spiral connected at the center, and if filled in, it would look very much like those I create today.  

Too this day, circle + orange + face = pumpkin.  Is it irony this image is the same color combination I still love to this day?  (see blog header)

Watch for a few more of these posts, which I hope you find as amusing as I.

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