2008 Sketch

There are many images from my original site which were removed when the site was revamped to its current incarnation (a topic I’ll talk more about in a future post), and this sketch from 2008, is one such piece.

I always have grab and go paper around me for those spontaneous ideas that need to be put on paper in word, or sketch form, before forgotten.  This is one of those sketches, which I created back in 2008, with ballpoint pen and a sheet of grab and go paper.  Actually, two sheets, as the sketch outgrew from one sheet to two, as I worked on the second version below.  The line visible at the bottom of the sketch, is the second piece of paper. 

The evolution of a third eye happened after completing the top sketch, I added it to the side of what is now the center eye, leading to a second sketch below incorporating the third eye.

I hope you enjoy and thank you to everyone for visiting.  Please leave your comments, I enjoy hearing from you.

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