The Disney Gallery - Realms of Fantasy

This is a new piece currently part of the new Realms of Fantasy-Designs from the Happiest Kingdom of Them All exhibit at The Disney Gallery, located on Main Street, USA in Disneyland, California.
Image Copyright The Walt Disney Company

I am very pleased with the final image and texture of the separate elements of composition.  Being a perfectionist, the detailing on Skull Rock took a lot of patience and time, and I hope the guest who view this piece enjoy the result.
Image Copyright The Walt Disney Company

There's a secret Imagineer tradition in this piece.  Being a former Imagineer, (once an Imagineer, always an Imagineer), there are five hidden Mickey's in this piece.
Image Copyright The Walt Disney Company

The only hint is to the left next to my signature, the number five located in the Mickey Mouse shape.

For those who want to search for the five hidden Mickey's, they are very difficult to see, as I didn't want them tp distract the viewer from the painting.  Yet a sharp eye and a bit of patience will help you locate all five.

Have you ever been to The Disney Gallery at Disneyland or any of the other Disney Parks?  If so, what did you see and enjoy during your visit?  Take a moment and share your comments and become a follower of this blog.

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I thank you everyone at The Disney Gallery for all of their hard work in putting this and every other exhibit together, and thank you for asking me to participate in another exciting show, I am very honored to be a part of The Disney Gallery family.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jimmy, I was able to purchase one the limited edition giclees of this piece at the Disney Gallery at Disneyland. I noticed the Mickey with the five inside and wondered what its meaning was and now I know! Being a Disneyland Hidden Mickey afficionado I feel I am up to the challenge and will get started this evening on the quest. Thanks, Melanie.

Jimmy said...

Hi Melanie,

I'm very honored you purchased a giclee of the painting, thank you.

Keep me posted on your quest for the hidden Mickey's.

Good luck on your search.


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