Beauty & The New Year

I am fortunate to live on the Northwest coast of the United States.  Okay, it's a blessing and a curse.  Blessing because of beauty, curse because of the harsh and often violent weather.  However, when it's beautiful, it's beautiful, and that beauty is an inspiration to my creativity.

New Years Day was one such beautiful day.  It was so beautiful, my partner and I decided to pack up our dogs and take a day drive down the coast.

The sun and ocean danced together New Years Day.

The surf was quite high, 20-25 foot waves.

Sea kelp, from the kelp forest off the coast, often break free and wash ashore.  This mound was quite large, maybe 30 feet in diameter.

These mounds of kelp, remind me of the Han Solo, Tauntaun scene from The Empire Strikes Back.  I don't think any explanation is needed.

The coastline is very rugged.  Huge, monolithic rocks jut both from the shore and far into the ocean.  It is quite stunning.

The day was beautiful, from the weather to the surroundings, a fantastic start to the new year.

What was your New Year happenings?  Please feel free to leave comments on this or any other post; I always enjoy hearing from you.

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I wish all of you the best of the best for the upcoming year.  Happy New Year.

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