Sugar Cookie Bake-O-Rama: Part Two

Creating a Snow Cloud Sugar Cookie.  You're going to need to make royal icing and a simple online search will result many.

Taking the baked sugar cookies, I piped a royal icing edge, which I then covered in sugar.  I did so while the icing was still wet, to do this you must work quickly, as royal icing dries fast.

All the Snow Clouds edged, sugared, and drying.

Once sugared edge has dried, I flooded the center with thinner royal icing.

Smooth out the surface, covering the entire flooded section with icing.

While the frosting was still wet, I sprinkled white nonpareils as snowflakes on the bottom of the Snow Cloud.

Before going to the next step the royal icon MUST be completely dry and hard.  The amount of time it takes, depends upon where you live and the humidity in the air.  Here you see all the clouds drying.

For the face detail, I rolled black fondant to 1/16" and cut out the eyes and mouths.  Fondant can be attached to dry royal icing in several ways.  I use sugar water, a controversial way to attach fondant.  However, for years it has worked perfectly for me.  For options attaching fondant to dried royal icing, do an online search.

(Hint: If you try sugar water, put more sugar than water.  Sticky = Stuck. To much water can make the fondant color bleed and fondant to become squishy.  I use a paintbrush to lightly brush the sugar water on the side to adhere.)

Details.  I did two pools of thinned royal icing, the same used for flooding, to create cheeks.  I sprinkled them with white nonpareils while still wet.  I then used silver drags for the clouds pupils.

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Next, I'll share how I created Sugar Cookie Snowflakes.


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Christina. S said...

Amazing! These cookies look very soft, it seems same as cloud. I really wanna to buy cookies online.

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