Sugar Cookie Bake-O-Rama: Part Three

I created three different snowflake cookie designs, but am sharing only one.  The reason?  The steps for all three are identical, only the design execution is different.  On with the snowflake making.

Just as with the Snow Clouds, I piped an edge of royal icing, sugared it while wet, and let dry completely.

Once the sugared edge dried, the center was flooded with thinned royal icing, creating a smooth surface.

While still wet, I lightly sprinkled white Jimmies on the surface, creating a tone on tone texture.

All rounds completed and drying before they receive their final detail work.  As with the Snow Clouds, the royal icing must be completely dry before moving to the next step.

For the detail, I piped royal icing into the shape of a six pointed snowflake.  In the center and at the end of each point, I piped a ball of royal icing, then pushed silver dragess and sugar pearls into the center of each while still wet.

Let cookies dry completely and the collection of Snow Clouds and Snowflakes are finished.

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Next, I'll share the final cookies just before packaging them of as gifts.


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