Gratitude, No Passport Required

This week there have been many new guest visiting.  Welcome everyone!

The top ten locations guests have visited from this week, in order of most visits are:

Sugar Cookie Bake-O-Rama: Part Four

After all the flour sifting, sugar mixing, and decorating, here are the finished cookies.

A collection of Sugar Cookie Snowflakes.

Sugar Cookie Bake-O-Rama: Part Three

I created three different snowflake cookie designs, but am sharing only one.  The reason?  The steps for all three are identical, only the design execution is different.  On with the snowflake making.

Just as with the Snow Clouds, I piped an edge of royal icing, sugared it while wet, and let dry completely.

Sugar Cookie Bake-O-Rama: Part Two

Creating a Snow Cloud Sugar Cookie.  You're going to need to make royal icing and a simple online search will result many.

Taking the baked sugar cookies, I piped a royal icing edge, which I then covered in sugar.  I did so while the icing was still wet, to do this you must work quickly, as royal icing dries fast.

Sugar Cookie Bake-O-Rama: Part One

Being an avid baker, I've had several custom cookie cutters created from my designs.  I wanted to use one of these cutters and narrowed it down to two choices, a bird or a cloud.  I chose the cloud.

The cloud would become a Snow cloud and three varying sized rounds snowflakes.  Everything comes back to design and story.  Besides, I've never seen a Snow Cloud Cookie.

Sugar Cookie Bake-O-Rama: Introduction

If you don't yet know, I LOVE BAKING!  Front and center, there it is.

One of my December traditions is to create cookies I gift to close friends and family.  This year I thought sharing this tradition just might inspire your creativity into action, whether through baking or another creative outlet.

Gratitude, No Passport Required

Thank you to everyone who is visiting my site, I'm honored.

The top ten locations guests have visited from this week, in order of most visits are:

Holiday Snowman

The Holiday Season have arrived at The Jimmy Pickering Store.  I hope you’ll go take a look at what's been created for the occasion(s).  I think you’ll enjoy.

This new Snowman is one of my favorite things this season.

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On My Desk: A Pinch of Overwhelmed

This morning when I took this photo of what is on my desk, it brought to mind one of many questions I have been asked.  Do you ever get scared to try something new? 

Scared? No. Overwhelmed? Yes.

On my desk sits a brand new type of surface on which I've never painted and honestly, it has me a bit overwhelmed.  Seriously?  Yes, seriously.
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