What Interest You?

Over the past couple of months there has been a big upswing in the number of guest to this blog.  To all of you who are visiting and enjoying what you're finding here, I personally thank you.  

There's something about having a blog, which brings with it a sense of adventure.  It's like a modern day treasure hunt, finding things of interest that others share.  Its also the idea of community, people who share a common interest, finding a place to visit, share, and enjoy the moment.  A place to connect with others.

In a recent post, I shared the focus of my blog from my vantage point.  But, it is you, my blog guest, who really know what they are hoping to find here.  That made me think, why not ask you directly?  Why not find out from you, what you'd like to see more of here?

There is so much activity in my life with my fine art, books, The Jimmy Pickering Store, and personal creative ventures, its sometimes overwhelming to know which events you'd like to see.

I've placed a poll to the right of this page.  If you have a moment, pay it a visit and mark off what interest you.  Even better, leave a comment at the bottom of this post and tell me about the subjects you'd like to see more of, or interest you'd like to see which you haven't yet seen on this blog.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts, become a follower of this blog, and let me know I can create a better blog. Also take a moment and visit my and like my facebook page.


Jenn said...

I always check to see what your latest creative venture is. I loved when you showed us the transformations of the frames you altered.

Yalco (Chris) said...

You have such a great, unique style. I love seeing what you've come up with. Seeing your inspiration, process and progress on a project is something I'd enjoy more of. I can never get enough of seeing your work.

Jimmy said...

Thank you for your comments, this is great. And for those of you thinking about posting a comment, come and join in.

Another question in regards to the current comments, would more creative projects from the personal, not professional side of life be of interest to you? Something such as, the steps to how I baked, or steps on how I created something for my home, or for the holidays.

Ryan Nicholas said...

Like what the others said above, I too love to see your process and progress. Have you ever thought of posting a time-laps video of you creating one of your amazing paintings? That would be fun to see.

I also love to see your inspiration in the world. Your photography is beautiful.

Just share it all and we'll eat it up gratefully.

e said...

It is always interesting to see personal projects, sketchbooks and photographs of studio spaces

Jimmy said...

Thank you everyone for you comments and please keep them coming. It's great to hear all of your input.

I'll keep posting more and please share your comments as I do, it's a great way for me to build community here and a good gauge of what you find of interest.

Thank all of you for participating in my blog.

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