From Thought to Reality

Admittedly creating is a central part of who I am and given its second nature, I don’t think about the process.  It’s a bit like knowing a key in the ignition will turn the motor of your car, it just is. 

When I took these photos, I was simply documenting progress of a project to share on my blog.  But when I loaded the images on my computer, I saw the images differently.  It may sound a bit crazy, but I saw a thought turned into reality.

Creating something physical from a thought is really quite extraordinary.  We don’t think about it, yet it happens around us everyday, we ourselves do it everyday.  We write, we bake, we paint, we teach, we share, and all of it starts with a thought. That’s pretty incredible.

When I get an inspired idea to create, the biggest element of excitement comes from the opportunity to create something for others.  Something for others to see, experience, enjoy, and hopefully be inspire by.  That’s what brings me joy and in turn inspires more ideas for me to continue to create.  

Every moment of every day we have the opportunity to create something from thought to reality.   A compliment to another person, what to make for dinner, or creating a piece of art, it’s an amazing process.  

What are you going to create?  What inspires you?  Please take a moment and share your thoughts, become a follower, and friend us on facebook

As for these photos?  They’re a little series of thoughts turning to reality which will be showing up for you at as part of next weeks update.  I hope you enjoy.

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