Bake, Unwind, and Inspire

Along with traditional pumpkin pie, I made these cupcakes for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Spice cupcakes with slightly sweetened cream cheese frosting.  Garnished with a barley candy turkey and a dusting of fresh graded nutmeg. 

Baking is my go to when I need to take a break and refresh.  There’s something about the exact nature of the baking process and the free form creativity of the presentation, which energizes me.

I’ve baked so often, I’m now able to create recipes from scratch based on flavors I want to use.  Flavor is my goal, I become focused, time disappears, my mind problem solves, and I’m in the moment.  Once flavor is accomplished, visual presentation takes over.

I’m clearly obsessed with visual outcome, just as when I create a piece of art.  For me the inspiration in creating is giving the best experience I can create to others.  This is my biggest motivator and watching others enjoy what I create, truly is my biggest inspiration.  It inspires me to continue, to push myself, to grow, and do more, better.  

As for these cupcakes, they were great. BUT, not a replacement for pumpkin pie.

What do you do when you need to refresh and take a break?  Please take a moment and share you comments, become a follower of this blog, and like us on facebook

I look forward to hearing from you.

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