Bake, Unwind, and Inspire

Along with traditional pumpkin pie, I made these cupcakes for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Spice cupcakes with slightly sweetened cream cheese frosting.  Garnished with a barley candy turkey and a dusting of fresh graded nutmeg. 

Baking is my go to when I need to take a break and refresh.  There’s something about the exact nature of the baking process and the free form creativity of the presentation, which energizes me.

From Thought to Reality

Admittedly creating is a central part of who I am and given its second nature, I don’t think about the process.  It’s a bit like knowing a key in the ignition will turn the motor of your car, it just is. 

When I took these photos, I was simply documenting progress of a project to share on my blog.  But when I loaded the images on my computer, I saw the images differently.  It may sound a bit crazy, but I saw a thought turned into reality.

Gratitude, No Passport Required

Visits to my blog continue to climb and you're visiting from all around the globe.  I thank all of you for taking the time to visit and for connecting with the post I'm sharing.

The top ten locations guests have visited from this week, in order of most visits are:

What Interest You?

Over the past couple of months there has been a big upswing in the number of guest to this blog.  To all of you who are visiting and enjoying what you're finding here, I personally thank you.  

There's something about having a blog, which brings with it a sense of adventure.  It's like a modern day treasure hunt, finding things of interest that others share.  Its also the idea of community, people who share a common interest, finding a place to visit, share, and enjoy the moment.  A place to connect with others.

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