What's in a Blog . . . My Blog?

I was recently asked, "What's your blog about?" A question I've never been asked, but one that brings up a good lesson I've learned from The United University of Blogging (I made that one up).

Originally I started blogging to provide a source of information for those following my fine art and books.  As time passed, these topics became more diverse, ranging from vacations, my thoughts on various subjects, road trips, and just about anything.

It became clear my blog had become a bit of a dumping ground; loosing a common thread other than everything was coming from me.  It was time to revisit the "what" in my blog.

I believe this happens to a lot of bloggers, leading to a lack of posting.  One week, two weeks, months, all the while excusing I have no time, no ones interested, what do I have to say, all common thoughts I now know all bloggers face every time they create a post.

The question I needed to answer, to blog or not to blog?

Time for a blog-cleaning.  I broke out the delete button broom and began to remove post, which felt out of place as I broomed my way through past posts.  I began to see the post that resonated with me were those focusing on my creative perspective, BINGO!

Question: What's your blog about?
Answer: My blog is about my creativity, my inspirations, and sharing that story with my readers.

Once sentence, a world of opportunity for sharing, it's really that simple.  Color, design, other artist, baking, drawing, painting, how to ideas, it all has a connecting story.

This is what my blog is about.  This is my takeaway lesson from The United University of Blogging.

Do you blog?  If so what are some of the knowledgable lessons you've learned about the art of blogging?  Leave a comment below and sign up as a follower to be informed of updates.

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