The Time Has Come (and gone) to Make a Bid

This auction is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who participated.


All you have to do is enter your bid by emailing your bid amount at auctionbid@jimmypickering.comYou can submit your best offer bid as many times as you’d like during the duration of the auction. Please title your email: “Best Offer Bid,” and all bids will be kept anonymous.
Auction opens on October 8th , closing at 11:59pm PST, on October 12th. 
Bid totals will be updated throughout the auction on the Current Bid window. One hour before the closing of bids, the highest bid will be frequently updated for those who want to bid one last time prior to bid closing.
A winner for each auction will be notified by email, after midnight (12:00am), following each closing and the winning bid amount will be posted here on the blog.  If the winner fails to respond within 24 hours of the award email, the next highest bidder will be notified.  Once winning bid payment is received, the Hallowe’en Treat Box will be sent two day Priority Mail.

-Email bid with your Best Bid Offer to
-Title your email: “Best Offer Bid”
-Watch for a confirmation email that your Best Bid Offer has been received

Once again, I thank fellow artist Johanna Parker for providing inspiration to have a blog auction and for encouraging me to proceed with presenting one of my own.  

Thank you Johanna!  And thank you to everyone who participated and supported the auction.

Please take a moment and leave your comments, and pay me a visit on Facebook.


Johanna Parker said...

I LOVE this piece Jimmy, and I am happy to be the inspiration behind your very first blog auction! Congrats on the sale and the launch of your new website! Your eye-candy is enchanting.....

Hoping to cross paths one of these days!!!

Happy Halloween :)
~ Johanna

Jimmy said...

Thank you Johanna, and thank you for the inspiration not only for the auction, but the beauty of your work.


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