The Blog Auction

I thank fellow artist Johanna Parker for providing inspiration to have a blog auction and for encouraging me to proceed with presenting one of my own.  Thank you Johanna.

My first blog auction will take place Monday, October 8th, ending Friday, October 12th.   

I've created three hand-sculpted Hallowe'en Treat Boxes, and will auctioning number 03/03 in this auction.  The Hallowe'en Treat Boxes were inspired by my passion for classic Hallowe'en design and collectables from the past.  Box number 03/03, will be auctioned on the date stated above and all details on how to participate in the blog auction will be on the official auction post.

Looks like I found a way to use some of the vintage Chenille Bump I found not to long ago.

Here's a Treat Sneak-a-Peek.

Up for Auction: Treat Box 03/03

It's not ready for its close up.

Thank you for visiting.  There's more to see at and on my Facebook page. 

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