Gratitude, No Passport Required

There has been a huge increase in the number of guest visiting my blog and you're visiting from around the globe. I wanted to thank all of you for visiting and taking an interest in my blog.  

These are the top ten locations guests have visited from this week in order of most visits;

What's in a Blog . . . My Blog?

I was recently asked, "What's your blog about?" A question I've never been asked, but one that brings up a good lesson I've learned from The United University of Blogging (I made that one up).

Originally I started blogging to provide a source of information for those following my fine art and books.  As time passed, these topics became more diverse, ranging from vacations, my thoughts on various subjects, road trips, and just about anything.

It became clear my blog had become a bit of a dumping ground; loosing a common thread other than everything was coming from me.  It was time to revisit the "what" in my blog.

The Blog Auction

I thank fellow artist Johanna Parker for providing inspiration to have a blog auction and for encouraging me to proceed with presenting one of my own.  Thank you Johanna.

My first blog auction will take place Monday, October 8th, ending Friday, October 12th.   

Skelly the Skeleton Girl, 5th Edition

Skelly the Skeleton Girl is now in it's fifth edition!  

Thank you to all who have become fans Skelly the Skeleton Girl and for showing so much love for a little skeleton girl and her boney dog.  Your enjoyment of this book has taken Skelly beyond the publishers original intent of a Halloween only offering, to a story so popular its offered year round.

Thank you everyone for your support of this book, I'm honored to have create for you.

I hope you'll take a moment and leave your comments, I enjoy hearing from you.  You can also find more at and on my Facebook page.

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