Quite a Find! Vintage Bump Chenille

When out and about, I always look for unique elements which can be incorporated into the pieces I create, mostly crafty items from the 1950's as they are unique and lend themselves well to my design sensibility.  

I recently made a find that combining both, in the form of a forgotten stash of original 1950’s Bump Chenille.  The biggest surprise, aside from it being in almost perfect condition, was it's high quality.  Aside for the bump shape, it has no resemblance to Bump Chenille produced today.  It’s soft and lush, dense with a silky sheen, in vibrant and unusual colors.  One hank is still in the original box.  

Can’t wait to apply this new find to future creations. 

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas on how they’d use this find?


kareni@terraceweb.com said...

Well, since I work in 1/12th scale (dollhouse miniatures - I design, make and sell them), my first thought is tiny trees to accompany very small glitter houses. Or make them into vintage-style Christmas ornaments. Or maybe some trim on a vintage doll's hat?

Diana said...

I'm not sure how old this post is... do you still have this bump chenille?

Jimmy said...

Hi Diana. I do still have the bump chenille.

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