Concept Design For Hallmark's Paper Waffle

At Hallmark Cards Inc., I was fortunate to have the opportunity of developing new store concepts with a fellow Hallmarker.  We were given the task of presenting three concepts, two designed independently and a third collectively.  The co-worker developed “The Air We Breath,” based around a spiritual theme, the collaborative concept was “The Gingko Leaf,” with a focus on nature, gardening, and home.  The concept I developed, was “Paper Waffle.”

Paper Waffle began with a backstory, something commonplace in the entertainment industry, which had never incorporated into Hallmark's their creative process.  The backstory for Paper Waffle presented two people (one of which the writer gave the name James, after yours truly), passionate about good design from past and present, who wanted to create a store offering their passions in a loft like setting.

Paper Waffle Logo

Along with the story treatment, I was given the opportunity to work with one of Hallmarks amazing graphic artist, who created a logo for the Paper Waffle concept.  Then I created an image board consisting of a mix of Hallmark product and non-Hallmark images, to visually tell the story of the Paper Waffle concept.

Paper Waffle Image Board

All three concepts were presented to Hallmark, and although upper management liked the concepts, only Paper Waffle got a test store in Texas (under supervision by a VP named Heidi Pinchal).  It tested very well, but management found the concept a bit to advanced for the brand image and the concept was shelved.  Still, a great experience I feel fortunate to have been part of.

Thank you to everyone involved!

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