Imitation Flattery

They say "Imitation is the highest form of flattery," and followers of my work often send me examples of such flattery.

Someone visited Disneyland and saw the Madame Leota painting I created for The Disney Gallery. Once home, they did an Internet search to find more information on the painting and this is what they found during their search, sent to me via my web site. Simply brilliant.

:iconmadameleota:Disney's Madame Leota by *madameLEOTA
This is Madame Leota. I've tried to gave her a 50's/60's storybook design.

KitsuneRagdoll Nov 2, 2010
Very nicely done, but isn't this based off of the portrait by Jimmy Pickering? I saw it for sale at one of the Disneyland Stores.

Dunno... never have been to Disneyland

KitsuneRagdoll Nov 4, 2010
Yeah, here. [link]
The Leota's look exactly the same.

Similar, but not quite the same - the colors and shading of the ball are differnt.
Still... as I said before never have been to Disneyland nor the US before.

KitsuneRagdoll Nov 4, 2010
Well, yes, the colors and shading are different, but it's the same image, just altered.

Madame Leota created by *madameLEOTA, on display at
Here's a direct LINK.

Image Copyright The Walt Disney Company

Madame Leota from my painting created for The Disney Gallery.

Overlay of Imitation Flattery with the original created for The Disney Gallery.

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As if by Madame Leota's enchanted incantations, the 'imitation flattery' from the page of *madameLEOTA has vanished.


Ryan Nicholas said...

Well that's just awkward.

This is one of my favorites of yours. This one and the one of the actual Haunted Mansion. I love the textures.

You're amazing!

Will Strong said...

Wow, that's pretty blatant. Good thing the copy is completely inferior to the original.

Steve Haskamp said...

Wow, it looks like they traced your painting exactly! I had a similar experience a couple of months ago. Someone copied some fruit designs I had licensed onto fabrics and were trying to sell the pattern at SURTEX. We are all inspired by other artists, but to blatantly copy is just wrong.

Eric Scales said...

Awesome- I'm sure this guy/gal was just trying to improve his digital skills and rather than bother with their own drawing, he/she found an image he really liked and thought would translate well into his medium. It's posting it online and playing dumb about his origins that crosses the line. And he seems to be totally unaware of how small the Disney community, and the illustration community really is.

Eric Scales said...

There's a great website that exposes this sort of thing:

Anni Jones Photography said...

Good grief....duh. Jimmy, this reminds me of an Ayn Rand quote "You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." lol

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