Customizing Frames: Step 14

The completed frames.

I hope you've enjoyed and learned something new by viewing the process.

Customizing Frames: Step 13

Progressively the colors are getting lighter and more vibrant. I am continuing to completion from this point, as this stage needs to be done in progression as the water dries. I'll post images tomorrow after they've dried.

Click HERE for the 14th and final step.

Customizing Frames: Step 12

Moving forward.

Click HERE for step 13.

Customizing Frames: Step 11

I've begun to add color to the surface, working from dark to light.  Remember acrylics dry darker than mixed and real rust surprisingly vivid.

Click HERE for step 12.

Customizing Frames: Step 10

Just getting started.

Click HERE for step 11.

Customizing Frames: Step 9

The frames are spritzed with water to allow colors to run naturally down the surface.

Click HERE for step 10.

Customizing Frames: Step 8

I will be using these colors to create the look of rust, along with black and white if needed. To make sure the paint will dry matte I add matte medium as I use them.

Click HERE for step 9.

Customizing Frames: Step 7

The gray base has dried and I’ve hung the frames upright, which allows me to create faux rust with realistic runs and streaks by simply using gravity. None of the rough surfaces on the frames were sanded, making the paint surface porous, like that of real iron.

Click HERE for step 8.

Customizing Frames: Step 6

As iron ages, the once black surface becomes a chalky oxidized gray, flat in finish. To recreate this I paint a flat/matte gray over the black primer. A great base color for creating faux rust.

Click HERE for step 7.

Customizing Frames: Step 5

Both frames now have two layers of black primer and need to dry thoroughly before I advance to the next step.

Click HERE for step 6.

Customizing Frames: Step 4

I primer coat the wood frames with black, as my intent is to transform these wooden frames into the look of rusted iron.

Click HERE for step 5.

Customizing Frames: Step 3

Here I started sculpting directly on the frames to enhance the a subtle hint of faces.

Click HERE for step 4.

Customizing Frames: Step 2

I will use the frames upside-down, as their shapes resembled faces in my view.

Click HERE for step 3.

Customizing Frames: Step 1

I am having a solo show at Benjamin and Benjamin Gallery in Portland Oregon, opening October 6th, 2011, and has presented another opportunity for me to share a step-by-step process of somethings created for the show.

I always keep an eye on frames which I consider good matches for my work.  90% of the time, they need enhancements to work within the confines of one of my shows, as I obsess on the tiniest details when I’m designing a show.

These wooden frames are in their original state, a very Shabby Chic style, which is clearly not a befitting accompaniment for my work.  Still, good bone structure.

The first step I did't show, which was the removal of legs of both frames. I apologize for missing this step, but had not anticipated sharing this process at that time.

Click HERE for step 2.
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