On My Desk

What the . . . . ?

It glows, it sparkles, and I can't stop staring.  I feel like a moth.

On My Desk

Giving more life to scraps of vintage yellow fabric and salvaged vintage buttons.

On My Desk

How can yardage of 100% wool felt look so sharp and thorny?

Stockings of 2011

The stocking stalkers have been asking when they're coming, so a little teaser of this years version was in order.

Your Joking, Right?

After packing my sewing machine in its box for safe keeping, I found this little piece of foam had landed on the seat of my chair.  I took a photo because I knew no one would believe it.

On My Desk

The progress of this group is almost finished, then onto the next.

On My Desk

That's not a fog bank on my desk, it's the progress of stuffing the latest and greatest. 

These scraps of 1950's fabric are such a great colors.

On My Desk

Sew what?  My desk is a resting place for so many different mediums these days.  I rather like it.

On My Desk

Bringing a new set of colors to my desk.  Vintage 1950's fabric scraps finding new life.  

Just Out Magazine

My solo show, 180º Delirium at Benjamin & Benjamin Gallery in Portland, Oregon, is featured in Just Out Magazine and on the cover too.  Thank you Just Out staff!

Title: Cycloptic Blue
Size: 10"h x 8.5"w x 4"d
Artist: Jimmy Pickering
Medium: Mixed Medium Sculpture
Felted base for surface protection
Year: 2011

108º delirium

My new solo show, 180º Delirium, opened Thursday, October 6th at Benjamin & Benjamin Gallery in Portland. Thank you to  everyone who attended the opening reception, making for a great evening.

The art is now online at The Jimmy Pickering Store to view and purchase, click HERE to view the show.

One unfortunate reality of viewing the art online is the translation of some new mediums I used in these pieces which do not show due to their metallic nature.  Every painting has a silver leafed background, glazed with layers of oil paint to create rich and vibrant metallic surface.  Another first, all paintings have custom made frames, approximately 4.5" in width, coated with five layers of opaque shiny black laquer, a remarkable pairing with the art, as if they were just taken from the Addams Family mansion.  Other smaller pieces are in frames I sculpted and custom finished.

Below are just a few of the 101 pieces that comprise 180º Delirium.
Title: The Rise of Countess Delirium
Medium: Oil, Silver Leaf, and Collage
Size: 24" x 36" Plus Custom Frame
Year: 2011

Title: Fright Eye
Medium: Sculpy, Glass Eye, and Flocking in Custom Finished Frame
Size: 3" x 2.5" Plus Frame
Year: 2011
Title: Teensy Weensy
Medium: Graphite on Acid Free Bristol in Sculpted, Custom Finished Frame
Size: 2.5" x 3" oval, Plus Frame
Year: 2011

Title: Teensy Weensy
Sculpted Frame Detail

Title: Cycloptic: Robin's Egg Blue
Medium: Mixed Media Sculpture
Size: 10"h x 8.5w x 4"d
Year: 2011

Title: Crossed Boned
Medium: Oil, Ink, and Resin on Maple
Size: 16" Round
Year: 2011

180º delirium is being unvield today

My new solo show , 180º Delirium, opens Thursday, October 6th at Benjamin & Benjamin Gallery, 1720 NW Lovejoy, in Portland Oregon.  Thursday from 5-9pm, there will be an opening reception at the gallery, which I will be in attendance.

There is no preview of the work comprising 180º Delirium prior to the opening reception and will be available for viewing and purchasing on the Benjamin & Benjamin Gallery web site starting at 5pm on Thursday.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Imitation Flattery

They say "Imitation is the highest form of flattery," and followers of my work often send me examples of such flattery.

Someone visited Disneyland and saw the Madame Leota painting I created for The Disney Gallery. Once home, they did an Internet search to find more information on the painting and this is what they found during their search, sent to me via my web site. Simply brilliant.

:iconmadameleota:Disney's Madame Leota by *madameLEOTA
This is Madame Leota. I've tried to gave her a 50's/60's storybook design.

KitsuneRagdoll Nov 2, 2010
Very nicely done, but isn't this based off of the portrait by Jimmy Pickering? I saw it for sale at one of the Disneyland Stores.

Dunno... never have been to Disneyland

KitsuneRagdoll Nov 4, 2010
Yeah, here. [link]
The Leota's look exactly the same.

Similar, but not quite the same - the colors and shading of the ball are differnt.
Still... as I said before never have been to Disneyland nor the US before.

KitsuneRagdoll Nov 4, 2010
Well, yes, the colors and shading are different, but it's the same image, just altered.

Madame Leota created by *madameLEOTA, on display at deviantart.com.
Here's a direct LINK.

Image Copyright The Walt Disney Company

Madame Leota from my painting created for The Disney Gallery.

Overlay of Imitation Flattery with the original created for The Disney Gallery.

Thank you for visiting and please take a moment to leave your comments.

You can see more on my site at www.jimmypickering.com and on my Facebook page also.

As if by Madame Leota's enchanted incantations, the 'imitation flattery' from the deviantart.com page of *madameLEOTA has vanished.

New Computer, Thank You Steve Leebove!

After being used every day for eight years without a single issue, my 2003. G5 mac workhorse gave up the ghost and now resides in cyber heaven.

With the very gracious help of Steve Leebove, I have a whole new system built from the ground up, his expertise has made the end result something I never even dreamed off.  Now I begin the process of learning how to use all this new equipment.

Thank you Steve for your amazing help in setting up this system.

National Doodle Day Celebrity Auction, 2011

I'm honored to have been asked again by Gillian Anderson to participate in this years National Doodle Day Celebrity Doodles Auction to benefit research for the cure of Neurofibromatosis. Below, my doodle for this year’s auction.

Please click HERE to be directly connected to my piece being auctioned on the national doodle day site and while there take a look at the other doodles being offered for auction.

The third US National Doodle Day auction begins on eBay May 12, 2011. Please be sure to tell your friends and family to help benefit this great cause.

I apologize for the watermark.
Unfortunately watermarks will be showing up on most post featuring original art out of necessity.

Customizing Frames: Step 14

The completed frames.

I hope you've enjoyed and learned something new by viewing the process.
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