Concept Design for Film

I am often asked if I can or do concept design work for characters and movies.  The answer is yes to both.  

I studied film, character animation, along with art direction and color styling (thank you Bob Winquist!) in college and have had many exciting opportunities to do both in my professional life.  Here are two examples of such projects from the past.

This first images is one sheet of many rough for an "Abominable Snow Boy," for a project which did not come to fruition.

This second image is a style direction concept painting I did for The Wild Thornberry’s Movie.  The creative crew went crazy, in a good way, for this look, but it was deemed to expensive to execute the entire feature in this style and the film replicated the exact look created for the television show.

This kind of work is so much fun to do and I look forward to each opportunity I receive to participate in such projects.  
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