Custom Jouwe Show

I have been asked to participate in a custom Jouwe show at TOY ART GALLERY in LosAngeles, California. The show opened October 2 and runs through November 2.The images below are photos of the figure I was given to customize. In all my excitement to start transforming the figure, I forgot to take photos. These photos are courtesy of SPANKY STOKES. The site is great, please pay them a visit.

These images are the vinyl Jouwe figure after my customization was completed. The title of the piece is 'Broken and Outdated.' To see more photos of the finished custom visit my site at and click the 'custom jouwe preview' button on the left of the page.

On My Desk

A view of what's on my desk today.  Black, white, and stitched together.

On My Desk

Here's what's on my desk currently.  This painting is based verbiage we've all heard from those who blame others for their own actions.  Interesting concept.

Next Solo Gallery Exhibition

I’m working on my next solo show opening September 4th at Rivet Gallery, titled ‘Denizens of Odditoria.’

The Disney Gallery, Day One Disneyland: 55th Anniversary Exhibit

Image Copyright The Walt Disney Company

Saturday, May 22nd 'Day One Disneyland:  55th Anniversary Exhibit' opens at The Disney Gallery located on Main Street USA, in Disneyland.  The gallery will be selling my original piece created exclusively for Disney as part of this exhibit.  The gallery will also be offering giclee and delux prints of the painting.  I will be attending the release and signing event Saturday, May 22nd from 9-11:00 am at The Disney Gallery.  Hope to see you there.

Please visit, The Disney Gallery or for more information on the exhibit, the release and signing event, and for original, giclée and deluxe print pricing.

You can also order artwork from the Disneyland Merchandise guest services at 800.362.4533

To see other available works I've created for The Disney Gallery, please visit The Artist Corner link.

Image Copyright The Walt Disney Company

Title: Walt's Castle
Medium: Mixed
Size: 11" x 14"
Year: 2010 
S O L D 

Image Copyright The Walt Disney Company

Framed limited edition canvas giclee print of Walt's Castle.

Please take a moment to leave your comments, I enjoy hearing from you.  You can see more on my Facebook page and at too.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.

Movers & Shakers @ Ronin Gallery, Santa Monica

I am thankful and grateful to have been asked by Gino Joukar to participate in 'Movers and Shakers II' opening friday, may 21 from 7-11 pm at ronin gallery in los angeles.

Below you will find all the information on the show.

Title: Voices In My Head
Medium: oil on claybord
Size: 12" x 12"
Year: 2010

Movers and Shakers II 
Curated by Gino Joukar 
May 21, 7pm -11pm

Ronin Gallery
Santa monica, Los Angeles, CA

For more info please contact:

Solo Exhibition, Beautiful Miasma

Beautiful Miasma April 30 at Rotofugi Gallery.  Rotofugi Gallery is located at 1955 W. Chicago Ave. in Chicago's eclectic East Village neighborhood.  Beautiful Miasma is my first solo show to feature all new work in well over a year.

You can view and purchase works from Beautiful Miasma directly from Rotofugi Gallery at  You can also see the new work I created for Beautiful Miasma at located in the ‘miasma preview’ page.

Concept Design for Film

I am often asked if I can or do concept design work for characters and movies.  The answer is yes to both.  

I studied film, character animation, along with art direction and color styling (thank you Bob Winquist!) in college and have had many exciting opportunities to do both in my professional life.  Here are two examples of such projects from the past.

This first images is one sheet of many rough for an "Abominable Snow Boy," for a project which did not come to fruition.

This second image is a style direction concept painting I did for The Wild Thornberry’s Movie.  The creative crew went crazy, in a good way, for this look, but it was deemed to expensive to execute the entire feature in this style and the film replicated the exact look created for the television show.

This kind of work is so much fun to do and I look forward to each opportunity I receive to participate in such projects.  

On My Desk

Some progress on my current painting.  Sometimes I develop a special liking for what I'm creating, this piece is one such painting.

On My Desk

What's on my desk today.  Nope, that's not real wood, it' part of the painted background I created for this new piece.

On My Desk

A bit more progress to my current painting.

On My Desk

It has been a long while since I posted a snap a painting on my desk, mostly because I've been on a bit of a painting hiatus.  Here's a what's currently on my desk.

Thank You

I personally thank everyone who made my latest gallery showing ‘Skellyopolis’ a smashing success.  Your positive response to the show and the rapid sale of the pieces within the exhibit has been humbling, making me grateful and thankful for such avid followers of my work.  

I express my sincerest gratitude to every single one of you.
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