Memory Lapse: These Are My Paintings?

A gallery in which I am having a show next year, asked me to send an image for marketing upcoming 2010 shows.  As I looked through my image files I found three small 3x5 inch paintings I did back in 2004. They are nothing spectacular, but when I opened the files a strange occurrence, I had no recollection of these pieces in my memory.  It wasn’t until I looked at them for a while the memory of framing the little guy on the cliff came back, the other two . . . nothing.  I remembered they were for a winter solstice themed group show at the gallery I owned at the time. 

Never experienced this before. Completely and utterly strange.  I guess once you've created so many things this is bound to happen, yet . . . it is very odd.

To ensure I don’t forget them again, here are the three mystery paintings.

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