Pumpkin Season

I'm not sure how an orange squash can make me so happy, but indeed it does.

Another Skelly Sighting

There's been another Skelly sighting. Thanks to the sharp eyes of another secret spy, Skelly was sighted in Glendale, California. Thank you secret spy.

Baby GAP
Glendale Galleria
Glendale, California

Skelly the Skeleton Girl Sighting

A couple secret spies spotted Skelly books in two interesting locations. One saw Skelly & Femur at Pottery Barn Kids located in Farmers Market, Los Angeles; the second secret spy had a sighting and took an undercover shot of 'Skelly the Skeleton Girl' in GAP Kids on Chestnut Street in San Francisco.

So begins a page dedicated to your celebrity Skelly sightings on my web site, jimmypickering.com and I'll also be posting them here. If you want to enlist as a secret spy simply snap a photo the next time you have a Skelly sighting and email it to me with the location of your sighting. It's that simple. I'll post your undercover work here so we can keep an eye on where our favorite skeleton girl and her dog show up next.

GAP Kids
Chestnut Street
San Francisco, California
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