Skelly the Skeleton Girl Is Back!

My new book Skelly & Femur has been released, the follow-up to Skelly the Skeleton Girl. The first book, Skelly the Skeleton Girl, is about Skelly finding a bone, Skelly & Femur follows Skelly and her new best friend, Femur, on the mystery of searching for objects which have gone missing inand around Skelly Manor.

As with the first book, this is an easy read, written for pre-schoolers and kindergarteners with the illustrations the main focus of the storytelling.

In this book there are a few surprised hidden within the illustrations. Being a former Walt Disney Imagineer there are several hidden Mickey’s throughout the book for sharp eyes to discover, (I won't say how many you'll have to see if you can find them all). Also in tribute to the inspiration I found in the original version of 1977's STAR WARS there is a hidden princess leia and death star within the book for sharp eyes.

For more information on ordering your copies of Skelly &Femur, simply go to my site, visit the books page. 

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Jenn said...

HOORAY! Can't wait to pick this up for the whole family to enjoy!

Kevin Kidney said...

Wonderful, Jimmy!!

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