Immaculate Deception

Sorry for the long period of silence. I have been working on several projects, one of which is my new show, Immaculate Deception, opening October 11 at CoproNason Gallery in Santa Monica California. I am really excited about this new collection of work. Each piece used almost every medium I know and the result is pretty exciting. I will be posting all the images periodically up to the opening of the show so keep and eye on this blog and my web site too,

Also CoproNason Gallery will be featuring a preview page for those who are interested in more information on the opening reception on October 11 or in acquiring a piece.


Kerry Drumm said...

I love this image - it's really beautiful. I was in Portland earlier this year to visit some friend working at Laika. They took me to a gallery which had 'Skelly the Skeleton Girl.

Love your illustrations - so very inspirational!!

Very best,


jimmy said...

Hi Kerry:

Glad to see you enjoy my work and 'Skelly the Skeleton Girl.' I just finished another Skelly book which will be out in August of 2009.

Again thank you for your post.


MammaAllauque said...

So happy to hear there's another Skelly book coming out. My 4-year-old LOVES your artwork. We're constantly creating new wallpapers for our computer with it. And I just finished making plush bats based on the bats in your It's Fall book.

Mom to Dominic, Connor, and Duncan

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