Nutz + Boltz Opens Tonight

'NUTZ + BOLTZ: a robot show' opens TONIGHT, August 28th at The Gallery @ Yummy in Seaside, Oregon. The premier tonight takes place from 6-10pm. 'NUTZ + BOLTZ' features a collection of all new works from artist and super groovy friend Maura Cluthe and myself. To see my work for the show click here and to see Maura's work click here.

This show looks great in the space and Yummy wine bar & bistro owner Corey Albert did a fantastic job hanging the show and putting everything together. I'll be posting photos from the shows premier event over the next few days.

The 'NUTZ + BOLTZ' paintings go up for sale at 6pm Pacific Standard Time tonight, August 28th. There will be no pre-sales. For painting inquiries please contact The Gallery @ Yummy at or by calling them directly at 503-738-3100. ALL SALES WILL BE HANDLED DIRECTLY THROUGH THE GALLERY @ YUMMY BY CALLING 503-738-9142 or 503-738-3100.

Hope to see some of you tonight at the 'NUTZ + BOLTZ' premier!


kerrie said...

Congratulations on your show. I just have to say I love your work and you are a true inspiration for me (I'm fairly new to the illustration business).

Good luck with the opening.

Persephone said...

I LOVE your work, sadly I live very far (Chile), so I can only say congratulations and good luck with your show.

...And thanks to the internet :) I have my own Skelly the Skeleton Girl book. <3 <3 and I love it.

Peter VINCENT said...

Ditto to what Kerrie said above. Been a big fan of yours for awhile. I have your site bookmarked as one of my creative inspiration favorites.
Waiting for you to do a show here in good ole NYC.

Best of luck

Tanya said...

Heeey!! I love your sketches, they are kinda timburtonish, i like them very very much, i just wanted to say that..sorry, i didnt know where to leave a comment about that, nothing to do with the show..but good luck with that also and keep sketching.

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