On My Desk

Take a look at what's on my desk now. Seems to be a lot of creation happening on my version of Frankenstein's Table . . . minus the lightning of course.

On My Desk

Here's what I'm working on today, a custom Sharky for an upcoming Toy Cube show in NYC.


Below is the title piece INVASION! from my new show opening July 19 at DVA Gallery in Chicago. Please go to my site to see all the new paintings from the show at www.jimmypickering.com For inquiries regarding the paintings please contact DVA Gallery directly at www.dvagallery.com

Size: 10"x 10"
Media: Mixed


Skelly the Skeleton Girl is Coming Back

I’m very excited to share with all of you, Skelly the Skeleton Girl will be returning in an all new book . . . but not until August of 2009. I’ve just completed the illustrations for the new book and have received the final layout from the publisher for approval. It looks fantastic. As a treat to all of you, (with the publisher’s approval of course), here is the first preview anywhere of the new book cover. I hope you all enjoy this advanced look.

Also, I want to thank everyone on the Skelly team at Simon & Schuster, David, Laurent and Lizzy. Without you these books would not have been possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your hard work and incredible dedication to these books.

Skelly & Femur - Front Cover

Skelly & Femur - Back Cover
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