The Answer

This past month I have been inundated via email and in person regarding what many of you have called “a noticeable change at Lunar Boy Gallery.” Maybe this influx is the result of my recent and final show at the gallery during the month of October. The answer for this change is simple, I no longer own Lunar Boy Gallery. I sold my interest in the gallery almost a year and a half ago.

To allow the new owner a chance to get her bearings, she asked me not to make an announcement after the sale, however, given the length of time which has passed and having so many of ask of the drastic change, it is time to make very clear, I am no longer involved or affiliated with Lunar Boy Gallery in any way and no longer show my work in the gallery as an artist. Any noticeable change in the gallery since my leaving is the result of Lunar Boy's new owner taking the gallery in a noticeably different direction, away from my original vision and concept established for Lunar Boy Gallery.

I want to thank all of you for letting me know how much you enjoyed and now miss the original Lunar Boy Gallery I was part of creating. It was a fun chapter in my life, which is now closed. Here’s to the excitement of new and healthier chapters in the future.

Oh yes, thank you for letting me know you miss what one of you called, "the MACY'S style windows" I created.  I will miss creating and sharing those windows.
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