Skelly the Skeleton Girl Reading at Powell's Books

On Monday, October 29 I had a book reading and signing of Skelly the Skeleton Girl at Powell's Books. The staff at Powell’s was great. They had everything set up and ready to go and the event was a lot of fun.

I enlisted the help of Veronica from the audience to be my page-turner, as I read Skelly aloud. 

One of the many things I enjoy at readings and signings is the Q & A session. It gives me a chance to address specific questions of interest to those who are in attendance. One thing always happens during these sessions, as soon as children realize I will answer questions, they raise their hands.  They get so excited by the fact if they raise their I'll answer their question, the forget to think of a question. The result is "Um . . . Um" or "I was wondering . . . . I was wondering . . . " until they figure out something to ask. It really is cute.  I say, keep raising the hands and the questions will follow.

It was great signing and I want to thank Powell’s Books and everyone there who made me feel at home for the event. I also want to thank everyone who attended to the event, I am grateful you did so.

This is Veronica, my page-turner while I read Skelly the Skeleton Girl.

The little boy to my right, was so excited to ask me question after question and even more excited to see me writing his name in his new book.

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